Let the right person shadow you daily.

Let your family, physician, or trainer shadow your daily activity, receive alerts in case of an emergency, and much more with the iCompanion app.

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How it Works

iCompanion is your daily companion

Built around a personal user profile, iCompanion has developed and adapted a services platform and applied it to a variety of markets: healthcare, personal care, sports, education.

iCompanion Inc.

Personal Profile

The user's profile is at the center of iCompanion, as it contains all personalized data generated by the app engine. In additional to keeping all data safe and confidential, the user is able to control who sees and uses their data.

iCompanion Inc.
iCompanon Inc.


Unique to each user, scores are computed by a series of complex algorithms using user data parameters and predetermined norms. Depending on the desired result, generated scores can cover a variety of areas: actionable support, risk management, fall risk, and much more.


iCompanion faciliates communication between the user and their network: family, physician, coach, etc. Various secure communication channels are used such as instant messaging, VoIP, or dedicated spaces.

iCompanion Inc.
iCompanion Inc.

Give or Request Access

In order to guarantee the user's security and privacy, iCompanion enables full user control of data. Settings are easily configured and updated to guarantee that the right people have access to the appropriate information.

Manage Emergency Situations

Detection and management of emergency situations are key points of the iCompanion services. Detection is ensured by a wide range of technology such as GPS, accelerometer, and optional connected 3rd party hardware. When an emergency situation is detected and confirmed, iCompanion notifies the necessary parties quickly and effectively.

iCompanion Inc.

Our Technology

A set of innovative technologies

iCompanion Inc.


More than hundreds of proprietary algorithms generate the client’s data. This raw data becomes enriched and able to support decision-making in areas such as fall risk, chronic diseases, athletic performance, as well as specific disorders.

iCompanion Inc.


iCompanion supports a variety of third party tracking solutions: RFID tag, geo-mapping tools for indoor and outdoor services, and connected objects in order to enrich the user’s profile with real-time data.

iCompanion Inc.


From data collecting to dispersion across the iCompanion network, great effort is taken to protect this information with a full set of well-known algorithms in order to ensure full encryption and user protection.


A variety of options are already available.

Guardian + Senior

Family Alerts: Automatic alerts in the event of a fall or emergency.

Coach + Athlete

Athletic Professionals: Dedicated daily tracking and coaching.

Patient + Doctor

Health Monitoring: Network of professionals to maintain or increase wellness.


System of communication and specific data exchange such as for teachers, students, and much more.


Our licenses are all non-exclusive and tailored to the client's needs.

iCompanion Inc.


Licensees pay iCompanion a fee to customize a solution and modify software in order to meet specific needs. A fee-for-service in the form of a royalty is paid to iCompanion and is based on the effective deployment of the services in question.

iCompanion Inc.


iCompanion has the ability to quickly adapt its software platform to meet larger demands while still protecting and maintaining the integrity of the system and overall security.


A standardized product to reach different markets.

iCompanion was founded in May 2013 by an engineering team looking to develop solutions that improve communication between seniors and their families while on vacation. With this in mind, the first version of iCompanion was born. From this came an obvious need to connect different types of users within other markets, most notably sports, health, and education.

In doing so, iCompanion standardized their technology and chose an innovative way to commercialize their services, centering on a reliable and secure user profile.

Pierre Eric Lys

Pierre-Eric Lys

Founder & Chairman

Engineer in space technology, president and founder of several high technology and insurance international companies.

François Lys

François Lys


Engineer in bio-technologies. In charge of business development, distribution and partner relations.

Benjamin Hazan

Benjamin Hazan

Managing Director

6 years experience in the banking industry. Has managed various projects related to digital and IT technologies and currently in charge of operations at iCompanion.


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